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Lionel Caynon studied piano, clarinet, and saxophone in his youth, and later played saxophone in jazz clubs.  He now serves as keyboardist for early services at First Presbyterian Church in Franklin, North Carolina.  He also composes music, having written numerous Gospel and pop songs, plus a Christmas cantata that features five original songs in a variety of music styles.  He is a retired science teacher.


Bobbie Contino grew up singing with her family, and in choirs and choral ensembles.  Performing frequently for senior citizens, she learned many Big Band era songs as a child.  In the 1970s she appeared as a folksinger in coffee houses and on college campuses.  She now volunteers as a music teacher and song leader in Macon County schools, and works for the Arts Council of Macon County.


C-Square can expand to a trio or quartet with the addition of flutist Cindy Miles and vocalist Mike Contino.  We design shows for all occasions, including private parties and receptions, holiday programs, and corporate events.


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The Award-Winning C-Square Band


The Arts Council of Macon County’s vintage pop/jazz band C-Square (Caynon-Contino Duo) was awarded the statewide Group Achievement Award by the NC Association of Community-Based ICF/MR and CAP Services Providers, to recognize the work of our band. 


The annual award recognizes one organization that makes a difference in the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.  C-Square was nominated by Macon Citizens for the Handicapped, where the band plays weekly sock hops that have clients on their feet singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  The nomination letter quotes a state evaluator’s remark that while many facilities have music programs, “your clients not only participate, they really get into it!  You are so fortunate to have this contribution from the community.” 


And for the second year, C-Square was chosen over all Western North Carolina bands to play for the Far West Region Special Olympics Games at Smoky Mountain High School April 24.  In addition to our services to Macon Citizens for the Handicapped, C-Square performs alternate Wednesdays at Macon Senior Services Center, and monthly at five area nursing homes - a music ARTReach program of your Arts Council.


C-Square Music ART-Reach


C-Square provides ongoing outreach  (ART-reach) activities to the Macon Citizens for the Handicapped, Macon County Senior Services Center, five area nursing homes, and at festivals and special events throughout the region. 


Offered as a public service of the Arts Council of Macon County, C-Square performs at community gatherings and venues throughout Macon County.  Non-profits are invited to contact the Arts Council to arrange music for your coming events. To view upcoming dates or inquire about C-Square's availability for your event, visit